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  • Kazakhstan ranks among the world’s top 20 oil producers, with the ninth-most proven reserves in the world and about a 2% share in global production. 
  • Kazakhstan holds 30 billion barrels (four billion tons) of proven recoverable oil reserves and potential reserves of 100-110 billion barrels.
  • New projects being developed have led industry experts to estimate that by 2015, Kazakhstan will be one of the top five oil exporters in the world, with three million barrels per day.
  • Major oil and gas fields and their recoverable oil reserves are Tengiz with 7 billion barrels (1.1 bln. tons); Karachaganak with 8 billion barrels and 1.35 trillion m³ of natural gas; and Kashagan with 7 to 9 billion barrels (936 mln. to 1.2 bln. tons).
  • By 2011, Kazakhstan’s extractive industry made up about a quarter of the country’s GDP, while crude oil alone accounted for 60% of all exports. The oil sector currently accounts for more than half of all tax revenues.
  • Kazakhstan has made major investments to develop a Green Energy sector. President Nazarbayev has pledged that 50 percent of Kazakhstan’s energy consumption come from green sources by the year 2050.
  • The country has 3% of the world’s raw materials and a natural resource base of over $300,000 per capita, which is among the highest in the world and is twice the level of Russia and higher than Australia.
  • It has 4% of the global iron reserves, 8% of the world’s zinc reserves and 4% of the world’s chrome reserves.

Today new large-scale projects in the sphere of high processing of our natural resources are taking place.

1) The Government has began the construction of the first module of the Balkhash Thermal Station with the power of 1320 MW and worth 2.3 billion USD, in order to solve the problem of energy shortages and energy dependency of the southern regions. 2) One of the largest energy project in Kazakhstan is also the construction of the Moinak hydro-electric power station. The capacity of Bestyubinsk water reservoir is enough to store up to 300 million cubic meters of water. Two powerful hydro-turbines produce 300 megawatt of electric power.