Domestic Policy

Modernization Programs

Kazakhstan has prioritized the modernization and industrialization will be the implementation of major investment projects in the traditional export-oriented sectors of economy along with the multiplication of new business opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses through the purposeful development of local content, subsequent conversion and processing.

Nurly Zhol

First President Nursultan Nazarbayev in November 2014 announced a robust domestic stimulus policy titled ‘Nurly Zhol’ (Bright Path) that will drive state and foreign direct investment into critical... Read more

2050 Strategy


The goal: preserving the nation’s high rate of economic growth. Read more


The State Program for Accelerated Industrial Innovative Development (SPAIID)is a short-term plan announced in 2010 to apply through 2014. Developed at the encouragement of President Nazarbayev in his 2010 State of the Nation Address, the progra... Read more

Modernization 3.0

President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced five priorities of what he described as “Kazakhstan’s third stage of modernization”. The priorities are aimed at ensuring economic growth and supporting the country to become one of the top 30 most dev... Read more

10 Directions of Development

President Tokayev announced after his inauguration ceremony a framework to guide in 10 directions Kazakhstan’s continued successful modernization and development.

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Affordable Housing

Kazakhstan’s 7-20-25 affordable housing programme was launched by First President Nursultan Nazarbayev. It provides affordable mortgage lending 25 year terms at an annual interest rate of 7%, provided that the borrower puts down a deposit of at... Read more