Single entry visa (business, private) 
60 US dollars
Double entry visa, up to three months
90 US dollars
Triple entry visa, up to three months
105 US dollars
Multiple entry visa, up to one year 
200 US dollars
Single entry tourist visa, up to one month
40 US dollars
Double entry tourist visa, up to three months
60 US dollars
Transit visa
30 US dollars.
Visas for children under 16 years of age,  of any category and for any duration are free of charge

NOTE: All foreign citizens must register at the local Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan or at the hotel within 72 hours upon arrival to Kazakhstan or in airport upon arrival. Otherwise they will be fined by the Immigration Service on departure.

Consular District of the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in New York


  1. Alaska,
  2. Connecticut,
  3. Idaho,
  4. Iowa,
  5. Maine,
  6. Massachusetts,
  7. Michigan,
  8. Minnesota,
  9. Montana,
  10. New Jersey,
  11. New York,
  12. New Hampshire,
  13. North Dakota,
  14. Oregon,
  15. Pennsylvania,
  16. Rhode Island,
  17. South Dakota, 
  18. Vermont,
  19. Washington,
  20. Wisconsin,
  21. Wyoming.