Tips for Filling out the Visa Application Form



Tips for Filling out the Visa Application Form


·      Photograph should be glued to the application form. Please do not staple or tape the photograph to the form.


1.              Last name as in passport. Example: Hendricks


2.              First name as in passport. Example: Jonathan


3.              Middle name. Example: Lewis


4.              Sex: Male or Female


5.              DOB: dd/mm/yyyy. Example: 23/7/1978


6.              Place of birth. Example: Washington DC, USA


7.              Nationality by passport. Example: American


8.              Nationality by birth/Ethnicity. Example: American


9.              If you are married, please, indicate your spouse’s full name and nationality.


Example: Marie Elizabeth Hendricks. American.


10.           Your permanent home address. Example: 1234 Oakwood Dr., Houston, Texas. (zip code)


11.           Occupation (educational background and field of study). Example: George Washington University. Law school.


12.           Place of work. Example: Lawyer. (please, indicate address of work place and phone number)


13.           Type of passport. Example: Ordinary


14.           US passports holders may disregard this question. For non-us passports holders please indicate your immigration status in US (green card or US visa). Example: US visa B1/B2 or green card.


15.           Please indicate if you previously visited Republic of Kazakhstan. If no, check No and proceed to next question. If yes, check yes and indicate visa entry date and exit date and purpose. Example: Yes.: from (dd/mm/yyyy) until (dd/mm/yyyy). Business travel.


16.           Have you ever been refused a visa to enter Republic of Kazakhstan? If no, check No and proceed to next question. If yes, indicate when and by whom. Example: 26/08/2013. By Embassy of Republic of Kazakhstan in Washington DC, USA.


17.           Purpose of travel. Example: Business (Tourist, Work, Official, etc.). Purpose of travel such as visiting relatives/friends, sightseeing, etc. goes under Tourist.


18.           Please, indicate address and phone number of the organization or a person in Kazakhstan that is inviting you.


19.           Please, indicate each city that you are visiting. Example: Almaty, Astana, Atyrau.


20.            Please, indicate the first city you will arrive to. Example: Almaty.


21.           Please, indicate the address (friend, relative, wife/husband, hotel, etc.) where you will stay in while in Kazakhstan.


22.           Who will sponsor your travel? Example: Myself (husband/wife, mother/father, inviting organization, etc)


23.           Please, indicate your US (or any other if non-US passport holder) health insurance company. Example: UnitedHealthCare


24.           Please, indicate if you are planning on visiting any other countries through Kazakhstan. Do you have valid visas or residence permit for your final country of destination? Example: Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Russia


25.           Period of request. Example (dd/mm/yyyy): from:02/01/2014 to: 01/02/2014


26.           Number of entries requested.


27.           Please, indicate if you have any children travelling with you to Kazakhstan.


Signature: Please make sure your passport is signed, and make sure the signature on your application clearly matches the one in your passport. The signature and date must be original on each application form