How Traditional Wedding Outfits Look Around The World: Kazakhstani Bride


In western cultures, brides traditionally wear a white dress on their wedding day. Look beyond the west however and you'll find a wide variety of wedding attire according to different countries and cultures. Some brides adorn themselves in colorful garments, others paint their hands and faces in accordance with local traditions, and some hide their faces completely behind layers of jewelry or veils.

Not everybody upholds these traditions of course, and many people wear what they want for their Big Day, but this list compiled by Bored Panda provides an interesting insight into the different ways that different people can celebrate the same occasion. Who knows, maybe you'll find some inspiration!

Kazakhstani Bride held 2nd place in the Bored Panda list. In a traditional Kazakh wedding, brides typically wear a headdress known as a "Saukele". The Saukele is usually prepared long before the girls reach the age of marriage.